Tree Farm


The following are our normal hours of operation:

Twain Harte weather

If snow or heavy rain occurs, we may have to close. Please check our Facebook page before you head out to make sure we'll be open or if we're sold out.

How It Works

You select a possible tree; a worker measures it and shows you where it would be cut. If you approve, the tree is cut for you, the worker gives you a tag, you take the tag to the office to pay for the tree, and we haul the tree back to the pick-up point. You show your receipt for the tree when you pick it up.

Note: Trees may be reserved to be picked up later, but must be paid for on the day of the reservation and picked up by our closing date. As far as freshness, we always recommend that you cut about inch off of the stump before you place it in a water tree stand in your home. A tree cut fresh near Thanksgiving and kept in water and away from direct heat will easily last through Christmas.

Important Info

We hope that you enjoy your experience here and find the perfect tree. To insure a safe visit to our farm, please note the following:

During the Christmas tree season winter weather can be unpredictable and located at an elevation of 3500', we do get snow. We recommend that you always carry chains and call ahead if it is storming or has recently stormed. Occasionally we must close for a day due to the weather.

A restroom is located at the left corner of the main barn. Complimentary boughs to make a swag are available with your purchase of a tree.

We now accept VISA or MASTERCARD for purchases in excess of $30.